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Calculating Your Company’s Goodwill Value

What is the value of Goodwill? How to calculate the value of goodwill when selling a business? Could company Goodwill have no value at all or even a negative value?
This article tries to answer these questions while recognising that the accounting definition for the term Goodwill is certainly not very intuitive to most business owners contemplating the sale of their companies.

Business Valuation in Toronto

This article describes the valuation methodologies that are most commonly used by business brokers and accountants for the sale of small and middle market companies in the Greater Toronto Area. These methods are Earning Before Tax Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) multiples, Seller Discretionary Income (SDI) multiples and Net Asset Book Value Method.

The art or “science” of business valuation

Business evaluators use a variety of financial models as guidance in their valuations but their personal judgment is the principal element in their decision to put a value on a business. Large corporations use their assessment of the potential future of the business and the potential synergies they might get from acquiring it in in order to make an offer for an acquisition. Small business buyers however, base their offering prices mostly on the past history of profits.