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Preparing your Business for Sale – Lessons to Learn from John Warrillow

John Warrillow is a Canadian entrepreneur, author and speaker focused on the field of exit planning and the sale of small and middle market businesses. John initially failed the first time when trying to sell his own business. His business was extremely depending on him and was very difficult to transfer. Most his potential buyers […]

Timing the Sale of a Small Business – Is it such a good strategy?

Timing the sale of a small business should not be driven only by the economic cycle. A good exit strategy has to take the whole picture into account. The decision to sell a business is a life decision. Basing the decision only on speculations about the economy could be a big mistake. As business brokers in Toronto and surrounding areas in Ontario, we constantly meet potential buyers who are paralyzed by fear about recession. They end-up wasting years with no income and never make a decision about buying a business even when the economy improves.

To Sell or Not to Sell?

This is the dilemma facing small and medium size business owners thinking about an exit strategy. As a business broker, I am constantly interviewing business owners inquiring about the business sale process. It is clear that the decision to sell a business is not an easy decision. Potential business sellers face a numerous uncertainties: Uncertainty […]

Which Businesses Cannot be Sold?

In our business brokerage practice we frequently receive calls from business owners almost desperate to sell their businesses. Owners start by explaining their business and the huge potential it has for the near future. Then, when I ask about their bottom line, their become very uncomfortable talking about it. These are generally businesses started in the two previous years with unproven business models. The owners made important investments in equipment, leasehold improvements and employee salaries but could not recover their investments for multiples reasons. Naturally the option to sell the business appears very attractive since it

Selling a Business – Where to start?

Most business sellers don’t know where to start when they want to explore the idea of selling their business. In most cases this is a one time event that business owners are not prepared for. A variety of books have been written about the subject and can provide valuable information about the business sale process. Business owners are however very busy running their businesses. Purchasing and reading a specialized book is rarely the natural option.

As a first approach, we suggest that a business owner contemplates these questions:

  • Why would you sell your business?
  • Are there other options available?
  • What is your plan after