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What Does Economic Recovery Mean for Business Sellers?

When the economy is recovering, most business owners ready to sell their companies tend to wait until prices increase. This attitude could backfire and these sellers could be trapped into selling at much lower prices than they could ever have expected. This post explains some of the reasons why waiting for the perfect conditions to sell the business is generally not a good idea.

Timing the Sale of a Small Business – Is it such a good strategy?

Timing the sale of a small business should not be driven only by the economic cycle. A good exit strategy has to take the whole picture into account. The decision to sell a business is a life decision. Basing the decision only on speculations about the economy could be a big mistake. As business brokers in Toronto and surrounding areas in Ontario, we constantly meet potential buyers who are paralyzed by fear about recession. They end-up wasting years with no income and never make a decision about buying a business even when the economy improves.