Do your M&A Advisors or Business Brokers have the right tools?

The technology landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years, especially after the emergence of cloud-based applications. While the M&A Industry is relatively too small to monetize specialized software, a few companies are now dedicated to solutions for Business Brokers and M&A specialists. Despite their low cost, these web-based applications are revolutionizing the whole M&A profession.

New Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems specially designed for Advisors not only help track all interactions with potential buyers but also store, organize and deliver all information pertaining to individual deals (Data Rooms). Instead of using email as an information delivery system, new CRM’s are able to simply send an invite to login into the system so Buyers, Lawyers, Accountants and other Professionals can access all available information. Advisors can also track who had access to information and when they accessed it.

Such valuable insight can then be used by Intermediaries to assess the level of interest Buyers have for their listings and focus on the right buyer when deciding between multiple offers.

The ease of use and the time saved from using such complete solutions can also be used to contact a much larger pool of potential buyers than if the workload were to be performed manually. These systems also enable sending mass emails to potential buyers with buying criteria that much the listings being marketed.

While these systems do require a large amount of time and effort to learn and utilize regularly, the benefits to Brokers and their clients outweigh the costs.


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