Selling a Business Needs Patience!

Patience and persistence is a key ingredient when selling a business. Business sellers’ emotional swings weaken their persistence and as a result their capacity to complete a deal. Competent Business brokers generally understands these emotional swings and explain them to their sellers in advance. Sellers know how to deal with their emotions when they expect them in advance. They become more resilient to their emotions and as a result persistent enough to go through the whole business selling process and complete a deal. Continue reading

Is Now a Good Time to Sell a Business?

Now is a great timing for selling a business in the US and Canada. As business brokers in Toronto we have noticed that business sellers are favored in today’s market due to a lower supply and a larger demand for viable businesses for sale. Savvy business sellers will seriously consider the factors described in this posting before delaying the sale of their companies even further. Continue reading

Due Diligence When Selling Your Company

Due Diligence is a process that business sellers have to go through before selling their businesses. It’s is generally not a nice experience to be investigated. This process can be made much smoother and less stressful if sellers apply some basic principle described in this article. Continue reading

Business Brokers – Are They Worth Their Fees?

If you are selling your business and are trying to decide whether to sell it on your own or hire a broker and if you are undecided about how to choose a broker to work with, then continue to read this article. Continue reading

Selling Your Business on Your Own!

Selling a business is not an easy task. Business owners wonder if they can do it themselves without having to pay business brokers’ fees. In some special circumstance it can make more sens the do it without professional help but in most case, the help of business brokers in invaluable. So many mistakes can be avoided, the sale time could be shorter and the price could be higher. Continue reading

The art or “science” of business valuation

Business evaluators use a variety of financial models as guidance in their valuations but their personal judgment is the principal element in their decision to put a value on a business. Large corporations use their assessment of the potential future of the business and the potential synergies they might get from acquiring it in in order to make an offer for an acquisition. Small business buyers however, base their offering prices mostly on the past history of profits. Continue reading

Selling a business in the Greater Toronto Area!

Toronto is a great place to sell a business. Generally, business prices are higher and businesses sell in shorter periods in Toronto. Unfortunately Toronto business owners who lack experience in selling businesses and who insist on going through it without professional help end-up leaving a lot of value on the table. Continue reading

Timing the Sale of a Small Business – Is it such a good strategy?

Timing the sale of a small business should not be driven only by the economic cycle. A good exit strategy has to take the whole picture into account. The decision to sell a business is a life decision. Basing the decision only on speculations about the economy could be a big mistake. As business brokers in Toronto and surrounding areas in Ontario, we constantly meet potential buyers who are paralyzed by fear about recession. They end-up wasting years with no income and never make a decision about buying a business even when the economy improves. Continue reading

4 Mistakes to Avoid when Selling a Business

Selling a small or medium sized business is not an easy matter. Most business owners contemplating selling their businesses as an exit strategy don’t have any experience doing so. As a result, when trying to sell their companies, they will probably make numerous mistakes that will not only cost them a lot of money but also increase the potential risks inherent to the sale of their businesses.

Some of the frequent mistakes are:

  1. Informing the wrong parties about their decision to sell too early. A lot of value could be destroyed if

To Sell or Not to Sell?

This is the dilemma facing small and medium size business owners thinking about an exit strategy. As a business broker, I am constantly interviewing business owners inquiring about the business sale process. It is clear that the decision to sell a business is not an easy decision. Potential business sellers face a numerous uncertainties:

  • Uncertainty about the asking price: small and medium size businesses do not command high price multiples. The selling price should not be the main motivation for selling a company. I frequently see frustration in seller’s faces when I tell them