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Timing the Sale of a Small Business – Is it such a good strategy?

Timing the sale of a small business should not be driven only by the economic cycle. A good exit strategy has to take the whole picture into account. The decision to sell a business is a life decision. Basing the decision only on speculations about the economy could be a big mistake. As business brokers in Toronto and surrounding areas in Ontario, we constantly meet potential buyers who are paralyzed by fear about recession. They end-up wasting years with no income and never make a decision about buying a business even when the economy improves.

Selling a Business During Recession!

Most business sale advisers stress the importance of timing when selling a business. They reasonably argue that business buyers are much more enthusiastic about purchasing a business in good economic times than in bad times. It is reasonable to believe that multiples applied to value businesses vary during the economic cycle and are normally higher […]