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Timing the Sale of a Small Business – Is it such a good strategy?

Timing the sale of a small business should not be driven only by the economic cycle. A good exit strategy has to take the whole picture into account. The decision to sell a business is a life decision. Basing the decision only on speculations about the economy could be a big mistake. As business brokers in Toronto and surrounding areas in Ontario, we constantly meet potential buyers who are paralyzed by fear about recession. They end-up wasting years with no income and never make a decision about buying a business even when the economy improves.

To Sell or Not to Sell?

This is the dilemma facing small and medium size business owners thinking about an exit strategy. As a business broker, I am constantly interviewing business owners inquiring about the business sale process. It is clear that the decision to sell a business is not an easy decision. Potential business sellers face a numerous uncertainties: Uncertainty […]

Selling a Business During Recession!

Most business sale advisers stress the importance of timing when selling a business. They reasonably argue that business buyers are much more enthusiastic about purchasing a business in good economic times than in bad times. It is reasonable to believe that multiples applied to value businesses vary during the economic cycle and are normally higher […]

Honesty When Selling a Business!

In my career as a business broker I noticed that if there is only one virtue that would dramatically increase the chances of selling a business at the highest possible price and within the shortest period of time, it would be honesty.

Honesty with business brokers: serious business sellers use the services of competent business brokers to sell their companies. Business brokers will use the information provided by the seller to present the business at its best lights to the right buyers who are most likely to present serious offers. What happens when sellers misrepresent or exaggerate their companies advantages to